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'Ham Radio Over The Road - W7LUS' is now deactivated.

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Ham Radio Over The Road - W7LUS

Sorry folks but all the data card providers have stopped unlimited usage. The contract seems to mean nothing to them unless I am the one that wants to break it, then I would get fined $175. One of the options was to stop service with no penalty. I took that and have gone to Verizon. They have the same 5GB/mo. restriction but at least I know from the beginning, not in the middle of the contract. I will leave the page up with the map. The same map is on my own website. It's been fun while it lasted, I had a feeling this was to come.
Stream Location: USA
Broadcaster Since: July 27, 2006.
Hit Count: 26506.
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Click on map and drag.

Go to this link for the same map above but with more enhancements. My position is updated once every minute.

This link will show you the same radar page I use. The boxes are very useful showing adverse conditions.

Click here to view a track history of about 30 days.

On my web page there are some other interesting links.

This cam is located on the dash of my 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually. I haul new RV's from the Goshen, IN area for delivery all over the USA. I have a 650 mile commute to work from home in Scaly Mountain, NC.

In 1966 I left the USAF and found my way into yachting. I was a mere 22 years old trying to find my way. I fell in love with boats while in southern Florida. After several years I obtained my captains license and delivered sailboats and power boats from FL to the Caribbean. After a very rough passage I decided to come home to Atlanta, GA and try trucking. I went to the Ryder Truck Driving School there where I graduated number one in my class of over 80 students.

After 5 years of driving I would get tired of that life and make my way back to the boats...this became a cycle of about 5 years of boating then 5 years of trucking. On my web page you'll see the "super truck" I last owned hauling trade shows, my sailboat I lived and cruised on for 3 years, and several blogs.

Now in my mid 60's I am still driving but in a "mini" truck. I still travel all over the U.S. but with a lot less stress. The pay is about 5-10 percent less then the big rigs, but the truck is 1/3 the price and fuel mileage twice.

I have "tricked" out my Dodge. It has larger injectors, twin compound turbos, water injection, a custom intercooler, a chip stacked onto a downloader, heavy duty fuel pump, twin injection pumps,etc., and a very heavy duty custom built automatic transmission. She puts out 602.3 HP and 1265 pounds of torque to the rear wheels, per ATS' Mustang Dyno in May 2008. This 9800 pound truck will scat!

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